Picture frame and linked images


As you describe in your example "Pictures" images in a presentatuion can be found in the shapes collection using

shapeIdea [I] is PictureFrame

For me, this works only for embedded images but not in cases, the image is linked. In the powerpoint api picture and linked picture are different types of shapes.

What I need to do, is

o find the filename of the linked image
o create a copy of the image
o set the filename to the image copy
o make the filename relative to the presentation (norm. it's stored with a fully qualified name)

How can I achieve this using ASPOSE.Powerpoint?




Dear Peter,

Linked images are not supported yet but can be added in the future versions.

We have added it to our planes.


Dear Alexey,

in case U add support for linked pictures, please also notice that creating thumbnails from presentations with linked images do currently not work. Where there is the linked image in the thumbnail you can see an empty frame with a black border.