Pie chart using aspose.pdf.generator

I am creating a pdf which will have a few tables and a pie chart.
Is it possible to create pie chart using aspose.pdf.generator?

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Aspose.Pdf.Generator supports the feature to add Graph objects i.e. Arc, Circle, Curve, Line, Rectangle, Ellipse but I am afraid it does not support the feature to add Pie chart. However you will have to create the pie chart using above stated objects. However it supports the feature to add table inside PDF file.

Besides this, you may consider using Aspose.Cells which supports the feature to add table and pie charts. Once the Excel workbook is created, you can save the output in PDF format. For further details, please visit

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I am creating slides and then saving it as pdf.
Which would be easier to draw on slides or cell?

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You can use both Aspose.Slides and Aspose.Cells to create Pie Chart.

However, it will be lot easier for you to create Pie Chart using Aspose.Cells and it will also give you access to all the Microsoft Excel related chart features.

Please see the following documentation article explaining how to create a pie chart using Aspose.Cells.

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In case you are interested in creating the chart using Aspose.Slides API, you can check the details and sample code using the following links:

Creating a Chart from Scratch
Setting Pie Chart Sector Colors

In case you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact support.

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