Pivot Tabels In a Designer File


I’m evaluating your product for purchase but for the life of me I can’t find any documentation on how to create a pivot table via the designer file.

I’ve added a pivot table to my designer file and set the data range to the cells containing a fixed header and the smart markers where I’m inserting data from a data table. The data gets inserted fine when I call Process on the designer object but the pivot table data range still only points at the first row of cells where my smart markers where. I’ve set the Table Options “Refresh on open” still nothing.

I really like your products (I’m evaluation Aspose Word as well) but the lack of documentation is VERY frustrating.



Hi Adam,

sorry for any inconvenience.

You can check MS Excel reference to see create pivot table in the designer file.
Actually now pivot table setting cannot automatically changed if you insert rows under your header. Even in MS Excel you cannot do it. Please try it.

You can change data for the table, but cannot change the range.