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Pivot table creation

hi Team

We are using aspose cells for gnerating excel files.

we are unable to create the excel file having pivot table from csv.

it contains the duplicate fields


2. if i add data column two times to the pivot table. how it will handle.(input file having duplicate columns)

if i generate excel using this range we getting some error messages like shown in pictures.

int index = pivotTables.add("=sheet1!$A$1:AF$66","A1","PivotTable1");

if i use this one everything is fine.

int index = pivotTables.add("=sheet1!$A$1:Y$66","A1","PivotTable1");

we already rise the ticket for this one.


please go through this link

do not said that please use aspose latest jars. because latest jars does not support the lightcelldataprovider. we are using this one for large file generation.

could please give note on below points. pivot table is generated by aspose.

2. if i add data column two times to the pivot table. how it will handle.(input file having duplicate columns) much memory taken by pivot table in heap at the time of generation. many columns and rows supported.

depends on your response we are generating the pivot excel file.

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any update on this ?

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We are afraid we can only make fix and enhancement based on current new version. We are working on the LightCells APIs and will try to provide new fix for this feature ASAP in this month, also we will make fix(enhancement) for it to handle your case of adding the data column more than one time to the pivottable.

For your questions about creating pivottables, we think we have replied them in another threads such as . For memory cost, commonly the larger dataset used by the pivottable, the more memory will be required to create the pivottable. Because there are various situations of creating pivottable, it is hard to describe all things clear on this generic topic. Anyways we try to make creating pivottable work in the same way of ms excel. If you found any difference or incorrect behavior of aspose.cells, please post your test case and we will figure the issue out and provide fix or enhancement if possible. Such as the case that add data column two times to the pivottable, we found ms excel can handle this situation automatically so we will make enhancement to handle it too in next fix.

Thank you.


We have supported LightCellsDataProvider for saving XLSX files. If you are using LightCellsDataProvider in the old versions to save your large report as XLSX files, please migrate your application to our latest fix (v7.0.1.1) and make complete test. We will continue to support LightCellsDataProvider for saving XLS files in later fixes.

Thank you.