Pivot table has no data when exported to Pdf

Hi Aspose team,

I have workbook which contains 3 spread sheets, first sheet has a general summary, second sheet has a pivot table, and third sheet has the pivot table data source which is generated dynamically. The problem is that when the workbook is exported to Pdf the pivot table has no data. This is the code I’m using to export, is there anything I’m missing? Thanks in advance!.

static void Export(HttpResponse httpResponse, string file)


foreach (Worksheet worksheet in Workbook.Worksheets)

worksheet.PageSetup.CenterHorizontally = true;


Workbook.Save(file, SaveType.OpenInBrowser, FileFormatType.Pdf, httpResponse);



Well, I am afraid, the feature is not supported at the moment, we will support it in our future versions though.

Aspose.Cells does not actually create pivot tables rather it formulates pivot data only and forces MS Excel to create a pivot table when opening the file into MS Excel. It actually implements the refresh on open option/setting for MS Excel, so, when you open the generated file(by Aspose.Cells) into MS Excel, the pivot table is then created. If you could open the generated excel file (containing the pivot table report) in MS Excel manually (at least one time), then you may open this template excel file and save as the pdf file using Aspose.Cells API.

Just to update you further, we are currently working on pivot tables, hopefully we may release a supported version in Q1 2010.

Thank you.

Amjad, is there a central list of upcoming features for Aspose.Cells?


Obviously, one of the them is Reading/Manipulating Pivot Tables in the Workbook. We will check if we can provide you some other important upcoming features.

Thank you.

Sounds good!

Very good support you guys have, Thanks!