Pivot Tables Help



I am working on Pivot Tables using MS Excel , but that has lots of issues.

I want to know does your product support Pivot Tables .

If yes , which one Aspose.Cells or Aspose.Chart or any other ...?Please send me the link.

I also want link for online demo , where i can see how u r making Pivot Tables.




Aspose.Cells supports pivot table in this way: http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Cells/PivotTable.html .

Aspose.Grid also supports pivot table, please check online demo at http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.Grid/Demos/ .


It seems exactly as of MS Excel ......is there any diff also ?

I am using MS Excel right now and getting these errors

1>Call was rejected by the callee

2>The message filter indicated that the application is busy

So if i use your excel , do i need to face all these problems ?

Any explaination for your reasons ?



I am not sure about your problems. Could you please send a sample file or screenshot to show them?

Aspose.Cells is a spreadsheet engine to import/export Excel files. You have to use MS Excel to view the files.

Aspose.Grid is a component to mimic Excel UI and it doesn't need MS Excel at all.


I have template excel which resides on the server directory and i am using this code to bind all data from dataset/data dreader to my template excel


Excel has 2 sheets 1 for data and other for pivot tables - so everytime data loads and i hv done that refresh property clicked ......blah blah.....so i get new pivot tables everytime.

1> If i use Aspose Excel instead of MS Excel - what benefits will i get.

2>I sent you asp.net code - if i use Aspose excel then how will i open the template excel ?



Aspose.Excel is changed to Aspose.Cells.

Have you checked http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Cells/PivotTable.html ?

I think your need can be served with Aspose.Cells.

For the benefits, please check http://www.aspose.com/Wiki/default.aspx/Aspose.Total/WhyNotAutomation.html .