PivotTable not displaying properly as webpage


I’m saving a PivotTable to be viewed on our Intranet site. Yesterday it was working fine with the drop-downs to select a date to view, etc.

I re-saved it today and now it displays as more of a spreadsheet rather than a pivot table. The drop-downs are gone, so you can no longer select a date.

When I saved it as a webpage, I selected “Add Interactivity” and Republish Sheet and clicked the “Publish” button. It gave me the option of spreadsheet or pivot table functionality. I chose pivot table functionality.

I really need the pivottable functionality of this.



Could you elaboration your case? Do you use Aspose.Excel?


I just figured it out a little while ago.

After I clicked the publish button, at the top is a window to select entire table or pivot table.

I must have selected entire table.

Thanks for your help though.