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Placeholder Formatting with CloneSlide

When using the Presentation.CloneSlide method to copy slides from one presentation to another, I'm losing the formatting of text within placeholder objects.

The size of the text is correct, but I lose any Bold/Italic/Underlining I have, I lose the alignment, and I lose the font. It becomes Times New Roman, Left Aligned with no special formatting. The color and size are coming across correctly.

All of this comes across correctly in TextBoxes.

Is this a known bug, and if so, when can we expect it fixed? Or is there something special that needs to be done to retain the formatting within placeholders?

What CloneSlide method you called? With 2 or 4 parameters?

4 parameters.

Have you been able to find out why this problem is occuring yet?

Still waiting on an answer about this. Any news?

Sorry for delay. I tested slide cloning with many presentations but couldn’t find any problems like yours.

Could you provide any example? And part of code which shows how you call CloneSlide function.

You know what, I just tested this again and didn't get the problem. It must be the specific presentation we were working with. I don't remember which it was, but if we find it and can't figure out the problem, I'll post the presentation up here.

Thanks for the help!