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Placeholders not being detected; Page miscount

Very excited about the Aspose.PowerPoint product launch!

However, we’ve run across two problems so far:

I created a test powerpoint file called “test.ppt” using PowerPoint 2002. It is a single slide with two textframes and two placeholders.

Aspose.PowerPoint seems to be detecting the textframes fine, but not the placeholders. Also, the slide count seems weird.

Dim ap As New Aspose.PowerPoint.Presentation(“test.ppt”)
Dim Output As String = “”
For i As Integer = 0 To ap.Slides.Count - 1
Output &= i & " Shapes=" & ap.Slides(i).Shapes.Count & vbCrLf
Output &= i & " Placeholders=" & ap.Slides(i).Placeholders.Count & vbCrLf

0: Shapes = 2
0: Placeholders = 0
1: Shapes = 2
1: Placeholders = 0

There is only one slide, but it thinks there is two. It also does not see my placeholders.

Please see my test powerpoint file at



Dear Chris,

Thanks for the report.

- Page miscount
current release of Aspose.PowerPoint doesn’t support incrementally (quick) saved presentations so please turn it off in your MS PowerPoint and this problem will be solved.

- Placeholders
your presentation has new style of slide’s id. I added support for that and new hot fix will be published today.


Thanks for the fix.

One more problem we have run across:

If there are apostrophes (’) or quotes (") in a textframe, the textframe does not show up in the Shapes collection. Likewise, if there is an apostrophe or quote in a textholder, the textholder throws a null reference exception.

Thanks for your fast fixes!


Dear Chris,

Thanks for the report.
Small explanation why it happens.

If you write something like this:
TextFrame th = pres.Slides[0].Shapes[0] as TextFrame;
th.Text = ““Some quoted text””;

then it works fine.

But if you write quotes in PowerPoint it doesn’t show frame and placeholders. Right?
PowerPoint inserts apostrophes and quotes as unicode characters and use another way to store such text in a presentation file. We will implement it soon with text formatting.

Dear Chris,

Base unicode support and picture frames were implemented.
Please check my post Aspose.PowerPoint