Please help production error: File size reduced and format was modified after save word

I have a word doc with some table and links, after open it and save, the file size is reduced from 216 k to 197 k, so pages is changed from 33 to 12, the contents within table can’t be showed properlly seems like the table format is altered badly. — You can compare the last page before and after using aspose word to open/save this doc, the content format is different…
There is my simple code:

string docFile = "c:\test.doc";
Document doc = new Document(docFile);
doc = null;

Please use my example doc in attchment to verify the defect.
This is a production issue, so please help as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your request. I cannot reproduce the problem on my side. I use the latest version of Aspose.Words for testing.
You can download 6.0.1 version from here:
Also please attach the output file.
Best regards.

Thanks for your help. The new version (6.0.1) of words.dll seems doing better job. However, our clients are asking very specific question: what particular word format or data cause this failure? We cannot rollout a patch with new (6.0.1) version of words.dll to all our clients in production, so need to find out the internal reasons for the documents so they can fix manually.
Could you please use the old version (5.1.0) of Aspose.Words.dll to debug the doc I sent to you? and show us how to fix those documents…Thanks!

Thanks for your request. The problem occurs because the second table (on page 10) has Text Wrapping Around. Just set it to None and all will work fine.
Best regards.