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Plotting position of values on a chart


I looking for the property that determine whether values should be plotted between the axis lines, or on top of them.

Currently, my engine plots them between axis lines, which works great if I’m rendering a bar chart. However, when rendering an area/line chart, it leaves a horrible blank space on either side of the graph. I see your demo’s render it correctly, that is, the values is on the axis lines, but I can’t seem to find the property I’m looking for in the demo code samples.


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We are not entirely sure about your issue but, you can make use of Axis.AxisbetweenCategories property. There are some other properties that you can utilize accordingly e.g CrossAt, CrossType etc.
You may also use Series.GapWidth for other purpose accordingly. If you still could not evaluate, kindly provide us sample file (generated by Aspose.Cells and desired file having your desired chart), also give us screen shots to make us understand the issue, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

Ah, I see what I did wrong. I tried to set the AxisBetweenCategories property on the SeriesAxis, instead of the CategoryAxis.

Thanks :slight_smile: