Pods running out of ephemeral storage

Hi , we are using the below versions of Aspose products in our application and see the issues with the pods running out of ephemeral storage .

aspose-slides – version-22.4
aspose-words – version-22.4
aspose-cells – version-22.4

Please suggest if any of the above product is creating large amounts of temp files which is causing this particular issue and the further steps to solve this.

Also let us know if we can configure temp file location.


Could you please try using each API one by one and check which Aspose component is producing large amount of temp files? This way, you will know which API is causing your particular issue.

For Aspose.Cells, it does not create temporary files. It can generate temp files only when a user sets SaveOptions.setCachedFileFolder, HtmlSaveOptions.setExpImageToTempDir or HtmlSaveOptions.setAttachedFilesDirectory in code.

We are seeing this for all office files and we want set temp directory location for all kind of files.

These are the APIs that we are using in our application :

@sirishasajja Aspose.Words does not create temporary files unless you specify either LoadOptions.TempFolder or SaveOptions.TempFolder properties in your code.

Hi , we have found that the temp files that are getting created in temp folder has the file name pattern of JF***.tmp . we suspect that these are related to fonts.

Can you please suggest if there is a way to delete these temp files automatically.

Attached the image temp folder for reference.
image.png (56.3 KB)

When Aspose products for Java load fonts, these temporary files can be created by JDK. Normally, after a process terminates, the JDK deletes the temporary files. But if the process was terminated incorrectly or terminated through the task manager, such files may remain. We have no control over these files, the JDK is responsible for them. You can create your own script to delete the temporary files.