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POP3 retreives mail massages with empty TextBody

I am trying one of your samples to retrieve the messages form a POP3 server and it works fine, except that it does not return the TextBody empty. Or I have not figured it out. When I save the eml with the save method, the TextBody is also empty. Help please.

This is part of the code I am using:

Dim sFile As String
Dim msg As Aspose.Network.Mime.MimeMessage

Dim messageCount As Integer = client.GetMessageCount()

For i = 1 To messageCount Step 1
    Dim row(6) As String
    'retrieve the message in MimeMessage format directly
    msg = client.FetchMessage(i)
    row(0) = (i).ToString()
    row(1) = msg.Subject.ToString()
    row(2) = msg.From.ToString()
    row(3) = msg.To.ToString()
    row(4) = msg.Date.ToString()
    row(5) = "" 'msg.Size.ToString()
    Dim s As String = msg.TextBody.ToString
    sFile = Application.StartupPath & "\" & _
        DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyyMMddhhmm") & Format(i, "000") & ".eml"


Thanks for considering Aspose.Network.

1) Could you please send me the eml files that you saved?

2) Could you share me with your pop3 server for the debugging? If it is possible, send me the account and server to my mailbox: guangzhou$$aspose.com

3) What's the version of Aspose.network you are using?


I send the information to your email. Let me know if you did not receive it.
Thank you

I fixed it. I was using Mime.MimeMessage instead of Mail.MailMessage.

Thank you