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Populating Forms?

I would like some clarification with a few issues.

Firstly, when i populate fields in a form (form.FillField), the data is only visible in the output file if i flatten the fields that have been populated. Is this the normal functionality, and why is it this way?

Secondly, fields that are not populated are no longer editable? What do you do if you only want to populate some fields and leave others for user input at a later date?

Thirdly, fields that are populated are also not editable? This does not allow you to pre-populate a form that can be updated by a future user.

What i would like is the ability to populate a form and select which fields are not to be edited (if any at all), as my solution requires users to be able to edit the .pdf form after it has been populated. How can i achieve this?


Dear Shame,

Thanks for considering Aspose.

All the problems you said are the problems of evaluation version. In evaluation version, the function of flattening some fields is not supported. Only flattening all fields is supported. We will resolve the problem in evaluation version ASAP .

In purchased version, the function of just flatterning some or no fields and leaving other fields to be filled by future users is well supported.

Sorry for giving so much inconvinience to you.