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Portability Issues


We had our developer evaluate your product for our company. I presume he did this evaluation with an old version of your product aspose.pdf. Now, he’s no more with us but we are still intrested towards purchasing license for this product. But today when one of our developer installed the latest versions of the pdf our old solution that was created did not work.

When I looked at the sample code provided by the new version looks like the API’s and the method invocation and instanciation is totally different from what was originally done. I also understand reading from the forums that the newer version has the setLisence property which is not available in the older version.

I have a .Net solution built and used but I would like to purchase a lisence. Is there anyway I could hook up the license to the older version of code coz we do not want to invest time in changing the code.

Dim row2 As Row
row2 = New Row(table)

New Version Examples
Dim row2 As Row = table.Rows.Add

Due to this change, the application is throwing a "NULL Reference Error"

Could you kindly help me understand if its possible to retain my old application that was built on Older version and have a license purchased that would work with that code knowing that setLicense property is not available.


Dear testPdfUser,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We always consider the compatibility issue when upgrading our product. But there is really something we have to change. Our solution is to declare a interface to be obsolete and delete it one year later. The old licensing method can works now, but it will be removed in April 2005.

We have simplified the interface of using table. But the old interface should still work. You need not change your code but you are recommend to use the new interface later. If you get a exception with your old code, there may be a bug. Please send a example which can reproduce the error to me, I will fix the bug soon.