Position/alignment for Excel tables in slides

I have some slides/templates with two embedded Excel Tables side-by-side.
I use Aspose.Cells Designer template to inject data into these tables.
For some users the application return slides with these tables position correctly in the slide.
However some users find the tables are not align correctly on page. They overlap other text on the page.
Perhaps it depends on the screen’s resolution or some other settings.

Is there a way I can lock the position or automatically align the OLE (Excel objects) so all the users see the Excel tables in proper position?

I thought I saw some comments about a new feature that allow locking up the position of an object/shape but I could be wrong on this.


It seems your problem is related to the sizing of OLE object that are generated by Aspose.Cells.

Aspose.Cells has a method namely SetOletSize(), I have used it to size it properly in the code , you can find in this thread.

Please get it from the attachment.