Possible error in docs


I’ve downloaded the evaluation and I’m using the dll

I copy the example code from documentation:

I add the line:
Imports Aspose.Email

The following line:

msg.Priority = Aspose.Email.Priority.Highest

gives the following errors:

‘Priority’ is a type in ‘Aspose.Email.Message’ and cannot be used as an expression.


’Priority’ is not a member of ‘Email’.


Looks like the correct code that should appear in your docs is as follows:

msg.MailPriority = Message.Priority.Normal


dear dharmaprotector,

Thanks for your post.

The codes in your last post is correct,the Property “Message.Priority” had been renamed into “Message.MailPriority” in current release version.

It seems that the documents can’t keep up with the product release,sorry for making you confused,our development team will update the docs as soon as possible.Thank you for being so patient.