Possible glitch?


I’ve been using Aspose.Word and it works great. However, when my page renders an Aspose.Word document, after prefilling the tables in the document based on the results found in the dataset (and subsequently used in the ExecuteWithRegions method), I get this annoying little box appear everytime (see attachment). Any ideas or is this something particular to MS Word and not an Aspose.Word problem per se.


Here’s the attachment. It didn’t seem to take on the prior submission.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

This issue is most likely related to some specifics of your document or MS Word configuration. However, you can attach the document to let us test it if you want.


Thnaks Dmitri,

However, since my last post re: this problem, I did some further digging and believe I found the reason for what ails me… (or my web app). Thanks for looking into it, though.



Don't mention it. Here's probably the similar issue:


(After posting I've noticed that you are the author of that thread Smile)