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Possible Problem with Aspose.Custom Purchase Page - Aspose.Email checkbox doesn't work if checked by itself

If you try to purchase Aspose.Custom, the Aspose.Email checkbox doesn't do anything if nothing else is checked

If you check it and try to buy it by itself, it redirects back to the purchase page

I just noticed this and thought I'd let you know

Just realized it was replaced by Aspose.Network. I think the checkbox should either be removed or alert the user to look at Aspose.Network instead.

Just a thought


Thanks for letting us know the bug. I will report it immediately.

Thanks for your help. Have a good day.


Thank you for the post. I have talked with the web team and this issue is now resolved. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help further and we will be more than glad to. Thanks again for the post, we appreicate the help.