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Possible problem with TaskFixedType Enumeration


I'm having some problems assigning the aspose TaskFixedType Enumeration.

I have a number of routines which convert my own project/task object model into your aspose project/task object model. All is working fine apart from TaskFixedType Enumeration. It doesn't matter what type I assign to each of my aspose tasks, when I open the exported MPP file in MS Project 2003 every task is set to FixedUnits and Effort Driven is unticked.

I want all my tasks to be Fixed Work and effort driven and I assumed setting each aspose task to FixedWork would enforce this, however this is not the case. Is there anyway I can force each task to be Effort Driven? Why does MS Proejct always set tasks to FixedUnits? Are there some other settings in aspose tasks I need to set first?

Any help would be much appreciated,


Dear Simon,

Sorry for delay.
When MS Project open MPX file it always reset TaskFixedType to FixedUnits and
EffortDriven to false because MPX format doesn’t support such fields.
To create effort driven tasks with dfferent fixed units you have to use XML format.