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How do I call a postback from the client side? I tried GridWeb1.Submit().I have to enter data in the grid for like 20 mins. At the end of the page if I click sheets tab and go to the next page, everything works fine. But if I call the client side function, GridWeb1.Submit(…), I’m getting errors on event.srcElement as Object doesn’t support this property / method. Is there any workaround to fix this problem? The error shows up only if someone stays in the same page for more than 15 mins.



Well, I tried your scenario a bit but could not reproduce the issue you have mentioned. We appreciate if you could create a sample test project to post it here with all the details, we will check it soon.

Thank you.

I really really need your suggestion here. I can’t create a sample project for a lot of reasons. I’m sure you can suggest me a workaround here.

I have an excel spreadsheet with 5 pages. The user needs to enter data in each of the pages.

1. The user can click on the sheets tab and move to other pages. It works fine.

2. When the user goes to the end of the page (reaches particular cell), I transfer them to the next page automatically by using GridWeb1.Submit(Tab:X, false). It works fine.

3. The user enters all the data (which may take around 15 mins), goes to the end of the page, click on sheet tab, works fine.

4. The user enters all the data (again 15 mins). At the end of the page I transfer them using GridWeb1.Submit(Tab:X, false)., the client side throws an exception on event.srcElement

var row = GridWeb1.getCellRow(event.srcElement)

In this scenario, the GridWeb1.onInitClientSideFunction never gets called. It gets called in all other circumstances.

My questions are:

The same command works in 2, but doesn’t in 4. Does the event.srcElement (here GridWeb1) becomes null after some time?

Is there anyways, I can click on the Page 2 tab programmatically from the client side to transfer the control to the next page ?

Please respond asap.This is a very important project. I really need to fix this asap. It goes live by the end of this month.

I believe the problem is caused by the Server.Transfer() command. The page with the Grid control gets loaded from the previous page by the Server.Transfer. Do you think this might be the problem???


Thanks for sharing the details.

We will look into it and get back to you soon.

Thank you.