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PowerPoint Basic License Giving problem

I was using the evaluation license for Aspose.PowerPoint and my this code worked well

Dim fPres As System.IO.FileStream = New System.IO.FileStream(FileName.ToString, System.IO.FileMode.Open, System.IO.FileAccess.Read)

Dim pres As Presentation = New Presentation(fPres)

I just bought the basic license and set the license file and run my same code and it gave me error on the line

Dim pres As Presentation = New Presentation(fPres)

Error is

You tried to change format of paragraph. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Standard Edition, but your license authorizes you to use features up to Basic Edition. Please check for more info. You can go to to upgrade your license. Thanks for your consideration.

I have to complete this project asap, so please help me.


Junaid Rehman

Dear Junaid,

Problem with Basic license was fixed. Please check new 1.2.3 hot fix.
Sorry for inconvenience.