PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct


Some of our customers use MS Office 2000 and run into the following error message:

"PowerPoint found an error that it can't correct. You should save presentations, quit, and then restart PowerPoint."

This message appears every time the user clicks or scrolls to a new slide. The message doesn't seem to serve any purpose (other than annoying the user). Any ideas how to make this message go away?

P.S. I've included a sample presentation that does this.


You didn’t include presentation.
Such message appears when ppt file has errors in internal structure. Usually it happens with MS Office 2000 only.
In most cases it was because of broken tables created with old versions of Aspose.PowerPoint.


Using Aspose.Slides (


Anybody there?


Sure, but we couldn’t find the problem yet.


Just checking. Were you at least able to replicate it?


That’s not a problem to replicate, the main problem is
understand why PowerPoint 2000 don’t like it.


Any luck yet?


We are releasing new hot fix. It will be available in one hour.
Probably this problem already fixed.