Ppt creation fails

I'm working with SSRS reports with terabyte-sized datasources. A lot of the reports are rolled up, but they take a while to create/run as the underlying datasources are huge. When I try to export these reports as PPT or PPS - the aspnet_wp.exe gradually takes up all the memory and then the ppt creation fails. Is there something I can do to avoid this or does the aspose.slides product just not work with large datasources and complex reports?

I created a dummy report that was SSRS out of the box with a really small dataset and the ppt creation worked fine so I know the add-in is installed.

Thanks for any help.

Dear mvee,

I have requested technical team to help you as soon as possible.

Hello mvee,

That can happen if you try to create presentation with very large number of slides with huge tables or very large images. Unfortunately that can’t be avoided and the only way to create such presentations is to increase server memory because presentation created in memory and only after that saved to a file.

Thank you for the response.