PPT to XML to PDF Timeframe


What is the current timeframe for having better integration with the PDF library?

Currently, the work around for generating PDFs from the PPT library is to generate a single image from each slide and build the PDF. However, the clarity is poor and the file sizes are tremendous.

Matthew Scott


I’m noticing in an earlier post back in January, a ppt2svg converter was mentioned… and then svg2pdf. Did this ever get completed?


Dear Matthew,

It’s in development just now and will be ready soon.


Hello Alexey

I’m specifying a system and one of the requirements is to output from ppt to pdf. We have costed to purchase aspose.powerpoint but not aspose.pdf. Is this what we are going to have to do or is ppt2pdf for aspose.powerpoint nearly ready?



Dear Martyn,

Now we create thumbnails of a slides (real size) and insert it to the pdf file.
You can find code in the ppt2pdf demo. Teoretically it can be done with some free pdf writers.
Own converter to pdf will be ready in September-October.


What is the progress on real PPT to PDF support?


Any news yet on PPT to XML to PDF to generate much smaller PDF files from PPT?


Dear Matt,

First release with some limitations will be published on this week.


Is this the SaveToPdf method, or is there an actual way to convert into Aspose.PDF compatible XML format?


The SaveToPDF function is in the latest release. It simply gives you back the PDFed version of the PPT.