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Could you please explain more into details how a theme is applied to objects with Aspose Slides PPTX?
Please also specify if it is applied on all: slide/layout/master or just on one of them and then it is inherited.

Thank you!

Hi Meyer,

Please visit this documentation link for your kind reference. In the shared link, I have shared the example for cloning master from source slide and applying that on slide in target presentation. The presentation with desired theme can be loaded. You can have as many themes in your presentation as you like.

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Hi Mudassir,
Thanks for the documentation link and for the examples!
I would like to find a way to set the properties from the theme (text formatting mainly; i.e: text color) on the slide directly, without actually applying the theme.
I am currently analyzing how I can do that, so any help is welcomed.

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Some additional information:

In order to set the properties from the Theme directly on a slide from an actual or new Presentation, without applying the theme, I think I would need to know on what elements are applied the ColorScheme, the FontScheme and the FormatScheme (master/layout/slide/shape/text/…) and how exactly (if this information is available).


Hi Mam,

I like to share that the documentation link that I have shared help you to apply the themes on slide. Can you please share that what do you mean by setting properties from theme. In that case you need to explicitly set the desired properties your self by traversing through desired properties.

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Hi Mudassir,
I read the documentation link, thank you. I would need to set explicitly some properties that are in the theme: the ones that contain styles for the text from the slide.
For example, let’s say I have 2 texts on a slide: a title and a content text. For the content text, I set the color property to be green. For the title I don’t set anything. If I choose a theme which contains blue color for texts, the color of the text in the title will be blue. This is the property I would like to set on the slide, without specifying explicitly that “the title text should have the color blue”. I am also attaching the example Presentation.
Would there be any way to apply the color from the theme (by using maybe the Color property of the theme), directly on the texts that don’t have the color set explicitly on the slide, without applying the whole theme?


I have observed the requirements shared by you and like to share that theme slide is either explicitly set for any slide or not. In your requirement you need to set the properties explicitly by getting the properties values from desired shape and setting those properties explicitly for the target shape.

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Thank you for your support,Mudassir!

I can not access this link anymore, can someone share it please?

Hi Andrew,

Can you please share that which link you are unable to access so that I may help you further in this regard.

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Hi Andrew,

I have observed the link shared by you and like to share that the link shared by you is related to old API documentation. Please visit the link below for your kind reference.

Aspose.Slides for Java|Aspose.Slides Documentation

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