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Pre-Sales Question about Aspose.Word and Standalone Applications

For some reason I have in my mind that Aspose.Word works in conjunction with a server and does not allow standalone application development.

Question: Can Aspose.Word be used in single standalone applications?

I’m developing in VB.NET.



Hi JB,

Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

Since Aspose.Word is a regular dotnet component, it can be used in any type of the dotnet applications. No server is needed for its proper work.

Thanks, Dimitry!

That is helpful information.

The next question would be: Can I use Aspose.Word to build a standalone word proecessing application?

I am currently working on a custom solution for a client that essentially needs to incorporate a custom built word processor. I can’t use MS Word because of integration issues.



Aspose.Word allows to dynamically build MS Word documents from scratch, populate them from a data source (mail merge), convert them to different formats like PDF, extract various elements and other things. No viewing/printing/visual editing functionality is available yet although we are working on it.

Thanks, that clarifies it.

A note about the visual interface:

I WISH there would be a true alternative to TX Text Control. Unfortunately, by the time you are ready with your mentioned implementation, it’s going to be too late for us to use it for this project I’m working on.

I’ll have a more indepth look to see how we can integrate Aspose.Word.

Thanks and have a great weekend!