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Presentation.Slide.Shape.TextFrame.Text = Read Only ?!?!

Hi there,

any reason why the above property (Presentation.Slide.Shape.TextFrame.Text) is a read only string? I realise to alter the text you currently need to iterate the paragraphs and portions collections, but surely this is not as straight forward as it could be?

Using the powerpoint OM as a guide, this property should be read/write, maybe someone could think about altering these in the future, IMHO I feel it would greatly simplify the process of searching and replacing text whick, lets face it, is what 8 out of 10 of your users will be doing…



Yes, we are planning to change it in the future and
add import from html and rtf but it’s not a key task yet.

Ok, cool

I’ll keep an eye open for this in the future. until then paragraphs and portions, here I come!!!Devil