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Presentation to PDF conversion consuming excessive memory, causing out of memory error

We are using java application to generate PDF renditions from Presentation files using Aspose-slides
It is noted that while running a simple 5MB pptx file conversion to pdf; the memory requirement for the application is >20GB(XmX)

Below is the code used to convert pptx to pdf

com.aspose.slides.PdfOptions pptPdfSaveOpts = new PdfOptions();
pptPdfSaveOpts.setJpegQuality((byte) 100);
Presentation ppt = new Presentation(new FileInputStream(wordFile));,SaveFormat.Pdf,pdfOptions);

Kindly advise on how the memory utilization can be optimized without compromising quality.

Thank you for the query. To investigate this case on our side, please share and specify the following:

  • presentation file demonstrating the problem
  • screenshot of your profiling memory results
  • version of the operating system on which the problem appears
  • version of JDK your application used
  • version of Aspose.Slides you used

But first, please check the issue with the latest version of Aspose.Slides.