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Prevent PDF Tampering and detect if it is tampered


Is there a way of detecting if a PDF has been tampered with? I want to make sure that the PDF is exactly the same as the source generated it.



In order to avoid PDF files from modifications or tampering, you can convert them into PDF/A compliant format(s). If a PDF is PDF/A compliant, it cannot be changed and PDF/A compliance will be removed if some changes are made to the document. Please check below article(s) in API document to convert PDF into PDF/A:

Hi Asad,

Thanks for getting back to me. What you’re proposing is that I convert the PDF into PDF/A and in the future I’ll be able to know if this PDF/A was changed or not, is that accurate?

The problem is, I’m not generating the PDF, I’m just reading it. But I need to make sure that the data I’m reading is exactly what the person who generated the PDF put there and that no one modified it. Is this possible?



Yes. If a PDF/A document is tampered, it would not remain PDF/A compliant anymore.

In that case, you can try to compare creation and modification dates of the document:

Document doc = new Document("input.pdf");
DocumentInfo Info = new DocumentInfo(doc);

var modDate = Info.ModDate;
var createDate = Info.CreationDate;