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Print Capabilities for ASPOSE PDF


We are currently using ASPOSE PDF suite for Word to PDF doc conversions for our ASP.NET application. However, we would like to allow users to directly PRINT PDF documents instead of opening the PDF doc via adobe reader & then do a File->Print command.

Is there a way to accomplish this via ASPOSE PDF given the PDF document??

Thanks in advance...


Software Engineer

Indidge Systems, Tempe, AZ

Dear Devaraj,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

We will support printing in Aspose.Pdf.Kit late this month or early next month.

Hi Forever,

We use ASPOSE PDF to generate documents and implement print functionality on our web site.

Is printing supported by the component now ?

We have encountered some technology problem and the publishing date for pdf viewing and printing function is postponed. I will notify you when we can give the exact date when this feature is available.

Ok, thank you