Print column titles on each page in ODS format

Trying to print the column titles on each page for a worksheet. Code:
pageSetup.PrintTitleColumns = “$A:$E”;
pageSetup.PrintTitleRows = “$1:$1”;
On Xlsx and Pdf formats it’s printing fine on each page but on Ods format doesn’t work.


Could you share complete sample (runnable) code (with input Excel or other format file (if any)) and output ODS file to show the issue, we will check it soon.

PS. please try using our latest version (Aspose.Cells v21.6) if you are not already using it.

I attached the complete sample. - Input file: InputFile.csv ; - Output file: OutputFile.ods. I generated an .xlxs to showcase that on that is working the feature.

Also have another issue when try to build a Pivot Table in ods format. Thought that is still related to the case and I’ve included in the sample here. Just need to uncomment from the Main call to the //PivotTableODS() method. The issue is that when open in Microsoft Excel and try to interact with PivotTable can’t and one Excel warning message displays: “The Pivot Table report was saved without the underlaying data. Use the Refresh Data command to update the report”. Tried to add Refresh Data Aspose built in method with no effect. The input file is same: InputFile.csv ; output file: (5.8 MB)

We have observed the issue in where column title is not present there on each page of ODS whereas these titles are there on each page in XLSX and PDF. This issue is logged in our database for further investigation and you will be notified here once any update is ready for sharing.

This issue is logged as:
CELLSNET-48189 - Issue in printing columns title on each page in ODS

Regarding the second issue of interacting with the pivot table in ODS, this issue is not reproduced in MS Excel. You may please share your environment details specially the OS and version of MS Excel that is used for testing this issue. Also for proper follow up, please create a separate thread for it.

1: The print titles of OutputFile.ods works fine in Open Office, but fails in MS Excel.
2: If we save OutputFile.xlsx as .ods file in MS Excel, the print titles of the saved .ods file can not work in Open Office, but works fine in MS Excel.

It should be the issue that MS Excel does not follow protocols of open office.
We can find the difference about the print titles between Open Office and MS Excel, but we can not simply change it as request of MS Excel.
If you can confirm that you only open the .ods in MS Excel, we can provide a property to save the print titles as request of MS Excel. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for further investigating the issue. In this case we conclude that is a MS. Excel limitation.
We not necessarily open the ODS only in MS Excel, so isn’t a must for now.

Thank you for the feedback. I hope the issue is clarified and it can be marked as closed now.

Yes the issue is clarified. Thank you


You are welcome.