Print preview on a document created by aspose.word

I was wodering if its possable to create a document via aspose.word that has a macro or and attribute of some sort that wen the document is opened the print dialog will popup automatically?

Udi Dekel.

Thanks for your inquiry. There is no way to achieve what you need using Aspose.Words. Also there is no way to add or run macro programmatically using Aspose.Words. Aspose.Words just preserves macros (VBA project) existing in a Word document without changes.
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Hi there,
Thanks for your inquiry.
I will just clarify, there is no way to create or modify macros using Aspose.Words. However as Andrey stated, macros are preserved upon open and save, therefore you could achieve what you are looking for by creating such a macro in an empty document and using this as your base document.
If you have any other issues, please feel free to ask.