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Print XPS from memoryStream

I use c# I need to print DOCX, I send the docx to server , convert it to XPS and return XPS as memory stream. convert docx by aspose. At client I use next code:

System.IO.Stream docStream = ...any xps as stream;
Package package = Package.Open(docStream);

//Create URI for Xps Package
//Any Uri will actually be fine here. It acts as a place holder for the
//Uri of the package inside of the PackageStore
string inMemoryPackageName = string.Format("memorystream://{0}.xps",         Guid.NewGuid());
Uri packageUri = new Uri(inMemoryPackageName);

//Add package to PackageStore
PackageStore.AddPackage(packageUri, package);

XpsDocument xpsDoc = new XpsDocument(package, CompressionOption.Maximum, inMemoryPackageName);
FixedDocumentSequence fixedDocumentSequence = xpsDoc.GetFixedDocumentSequence();

PrintDialog dlg = new PrintDialog();
        XpsDocument xpsDoc = new 
        dlg.PrintDocument(fixedDocumentSequence .DocumentPaginator, "Document title");


It work excellent with english, but I print documents with hebrew and arabic too. And in hebrew and arabic order of words is correct, but print every word vice versa. If I write memory stream on disk as XPS and open it wit xpsviewer, the text is correct.


Thanks for your inquiry. Please note that Aspose.Words requires TrueType fonts when rendering documents to fixed-page formats (e.g. Tiff, PDF, XPS or SWF). Make sure you have all the Fonts installed on the machine you are using. Please check following documentation link for more details.

How Aspose.Words Uses True Type Fonts

However, if the issue persists after the availability of required fonts then please attach the following resources here as ZIP file for testing. We will look into the scenario and will guide you accordingly.

  • Your input Word document.
  • Your output document, that shows the undesired behavior.
  • Please attach the expected output that shows the desired behavior.
  • Please create a standalone console application (source code without compilation errors) that helps us to reproduce your problem on our end.