Printing a word document programmatically

Printing a word document programmatically

Do we have a method in Aspose.Words that will allows to programmatically print a word document?

We are using Aspose.Words

This is similar to sending a word document to a printer. We are currenly using the PintOut method of the Document object using the Word PIA 2002.

Aspose.Words (?)

Word Iterop 2002

expression.PrintOut(Background, Append, Range, OutputFileName, From, To, Item, Copies, Pages, PageType, PrintToFile, Collate, FileName, ActivePrinterMacGX, ManualDuplexPrint, PrintZoomColumn, PrintZoomRow, PrintZoomPaperWidth, PrintZoomPaperHeight)

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Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Words. The Aspose.Words.Viewer namespace provides classes to render and print Word documents without utilizing Microsoft Word. But this feature is currently in beta and limited technical support is provided for it. Please see the following link for more information:

Aspose Documentation

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Thank you for your response.

Any idea of when the feature will be releases to market?


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Thanks for you interest in Aspose.Words. Unfortunately I can’t provide you any reliable estimate. The estimate was pushed several times due to the complexity and other important features we had to work on.

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We are happy to tell you that the new Rendering Engine has replaced the “old Viewer Beta”. The Rendering Engine can print, save as images or draw onto .NET Graphics object any document page.

Please see Aspose.Words documentation to learn more about new features.

Saving to image

In additional, new Rendering engine allows you to convert Word document to PDF directly (without using Aspose.Pdf).

Saving to Pdf

The latest version of Aspose.Words is available for download from downloads section or from NuGet