Printing a Word Document with Printer Settings & Print Preview Dialogs using C# .NET

Hi, can u help me to fetch a word document from local path and print it in server side(browser)without any formatting error


The Aspose.Words’ Document object provides a family of Print methods for printing Word documents in your server-side applications. These methods use the .NET printing classes defined in the System.Drawing.Printing namespace.

okay.but i want to call a document from loacal path and while clicking print button i want to get print preview of choosen document,where the user will choose printer name.please guide me how to call document from path and display in print preview


Please refer to the following section of documentation:

when i tried to use above code i am getting error in RunExamples,PrintDialog,PrintPreviewDialog,AsposeWordsPrintDocument these i have to include any dll for adding these above mentioned .please help me on this


You need to add reference to System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms assemblies. I have attached a runnable console application here for your reference.

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