Printing feature requests


Thanks for an easy to use product first of all. We are using Aspose.Words to convert word docs in a backend process and Aspose.Pdf.Kit for printing of documents. All of our development is in .Net. I was very happy to see the recent release of Aspose.Pdf.Key which supports printing but I do have a few requests. Since we are using backend processes we don't have anyone looking at a UI. PrintDocument() only prints to a default printer and it seems the only way around it is to use the PrintDialogue which won't work for us. What would be great would be a PrintDocument(string printerName) so we could always specify where the doc needs to print. We need the ability to route documents to many different offices and we can't do that with one default printer and no UI. Also if Aspose.Pdf.Kit had a non-verbose background print, it would be nice. Currently a "Printing x of y" dialogue appears.


Glen Smith

LandAmerica OneStop


Thanks for considering Aspose.

It's very kind of you to provide such particular requirements for us. I think it's constructive and we will take it into account within our next version.