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Printing to PostScript printer?

Is it possible to configure Aspose.Word for unattended printing to a PostScript Printer? If so, how?

I noticed that you recommend that customers use Aspose.Word in combination with Microsoft’s free WordViewer? Can WordViewer run minimized? Can WordViewer be automated or run from a command line?

It sound like you have a very interesting product.
My interest is in using it as a replacement for Crystal Reports.
Some of your pages suggest that you have broken the data binding complexity limits of Word’s mail merge.
Yet others suggest limits:

How far do you go beyond master-detail or master-detail-detail (such as the classic customer-order-item)?

In my opinion, just supporting master-detail is a great step forward.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

At the moment Aspose.Word does not support printing, it only opens, modifies and saves Word files. But in the next few months we plan to implement viewing and printing Word documents too.

Although I suggested using WordViewer sometime ago for printing, we have never actually tried it and don’t even know if that’s possible to use it in this way.

There’s been no work done yet on supporting nested merge regions for master-detail data, but we’ve created DocumentBuilder class that allows you to build document content of any complexity albeit at a cost of more programming.

Our next major feature to be released is output in Pdf format by the end of June.