Printing under Mono

I need printing some report or a document of any supported format(doc, docx, pdf) under Mono. In article, which describe Mono issues of Aspose.Words I found this tag “Aspose.Words for .NET implements printing via the .NET printing infrastructure, which is not available on Mono.” If I knew right, that no any way to print document on Mono, using Aspose.Words engine? Or I can convert document to image and printing it? Or I can convert to pdf and use third party software to print pdf document, like Adobe Acrobat? Please, give me a destination for my search. Thanks.

Thanks for your request. You can convert your documents to images using Aspose.Words on mono, but converting to image on mono sometimes gives poor results. This is described in the article you mentioned:
However, you can convert your documents to PDF or XPS using Aspose.Words. If there is tools like XpsPrintApi on mono, then you can print the document after converting.
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