Problem converting documents from WORD format to HTML format


I have problem converting the following document from WORD format to HTML format. The document attached seems to have an invalid identation value for one of the paragraphs but it should still convert to HTML format. Here is the code sample:

Dim l_doc As Aspose.Word.Document
l_doc = New Aspose.Word.Document(p_full_file_name)
l_doc.Save(p_new_full_file_name, Aspose.Word.SaveFormat.FormatHtml)

When I run it against the Attached Word document, I get the exception:

-Unknown paragraph alignment

The paragraph that is invalid in my word document contains the following text: "Courtier (nom et adresse) :Conway Jacques Assurances". We can see that the paragraph indent is invalid in the paragraph properties, Aspose should assume a default value and still convert it to HTML using a default indent value.

The version of Aspose we are using is 3.2.2 but I download the most recent version from your web site today and I still have the same problem.



Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Word.

This error is actually caused not by the invalid paragraph indent but by the distributed paragraph alignment which was probably set accidentally (should be justified). I've attached the corrected document.


We have a service that uses the Aspose component and receives a Word document from a user and converts them to HTML, we do not want to manually scan the document for these irregularities when it cannot be converted.

Is it possible to update the Aspose .Net DLL to assume a default identation when an invalid identation is in the Word document.

Previously our service was using Microsoft WOrd to convert word documents to HTML and it was assuming a default identation in this kind of situation.

What I would like is that our Aspose .Net DLL automatically assumes a default identation.


Okay, we’ve logged both of the reported issues and will try to fix them. Please check back later.


Fixed in Aspose.Word 3.3.1.


Thanks, this is to confirm we downloaded the Hot fix and the problem is now resolved.