Problem converting EML to msg

Hi, we have purchased the following products:
Aspose.Cells for .NET Developer and
Aspose.Email for .NET Developer

We use the products to convert EML files to msg.
The problem is that if there is an msg attachement within the EML file, the msg file is after convert with aspose accessible but the attachement cannot be open.
By the same process we have no issue if the EML file did not have an attachement in msg. If other attachements within the EML file like pdf or office files there is no issue after convert from EML to msg. We have only an issue if an msg attachement is within the EML file.

Can you please give us a help.



We regret the inconvenience caused to you.

We have tested this at our end with sample files and the latest version of the API but were not able to reproduce any such problem at our end. It seems specific to sample files at your end. Could you please share your sample message files with us for further investigation at our end? We’ll look into it and assist you accordingly.

Hi, thanks for your reply. We cannot share our files because of confidential reason.
Which Version do you have used for testing?
Maybe we have an old Version.



We always test issues with the latest versions of the API. You can download and use the latest version of the API i.e. Aspose.Email for .NET 17.4.0 that is available for download. However, the issue can be specific to your sample file and we’ll need that in case the issue still exists with the latest version of the API. We have marked this thread as private so that you can share the file with us without being worried about its access to public.

Looking forward to assist you further in this regard.

Hi, we have created a new test file with the same error. Please test the attached file with your Version.


Thank you for providing the sample email file. I have converted it to MSG file and opened it in Outlook 2013. This resultant MSG file contains all the attachments including two MSG files. These attachment messages are also opened fine in Outlook. The output MSG file is attached here for your reference. Could you please check it and share the feedback? If issue is there, please explain it with the help of snapshots and steps to re-produce the issue.

MailMessage mail = MailMessage.Load(@“test.eml”);
MsgSaveOptions options = MsgSaveOptions.DefaultMsgUnicode;

Thanks a lot for testing.
We have a lincense for that tool.
Can you explane How we can updtate to a new Version?


Please get in touch with our business team via Aspose.Purchase forum for renewel of your subscription.

Please note that you can still try the latest version of the API with a 30 day temporary license free of cost. This will help you test the issue at your end with this latest version and share your feedback with us.