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Problem converting more complex documents to pdf using ASPOSE.Words and ASPOSE.Pdf

Hello together,

we are very interested in your components and want to buy ASPOSE. Total Site Enterprise Subscription.

I posted in the ASPOSE.Pdf-Forum and I was told to post my request in the ASPOSE.Words-Forum.

We need to convert documents from Word to PDF-Format, but I have a problem converting more complex documents.

We have urgent need of a components (Excel, Word and PDF) like yours. But there are some problems trying to convert complex word-documents to pdf-file:

- First I get the following error, trying to save the pdf-File:

Can't open image file C:\Temp\ASPOSE\MyDoc.001.wmf

- Further, if I remove some of the position frames, some text is missing in the pdf-file and other position frames are removed.

- vertical text in textboxes is horizontal in the pdf-File.

So, can you tell me, is it possible to convert a word document by ASPOSE.Words / ASPOSE.Pdf correctly if the word document contains:

- page breaks

- paragraph breaks

- position frames

- vertical text in textboxes

- standard textboxes

Enclosed please find the information givent to me by Tommy of the ASPOSE.Pdf-Team:

There are some horizontal line in your document. They are auto shapes which is not supported well in Word2Pdf. Please contact the Aspose.Words team too to let them know you are urgent. There is also floating box problem which need to be solved by Aspose.Words team.

Enclosed please find the document I am trying to convert.

I looking forward to getting an answer maybe solution from you soon.

Thanks a lot in advance !

Kind regards,


Generally, our Word to PDF conversion capabilities are summarized in the following datasheet:

Concerning your document I will make the research and let you know if these issues can be fixed or worked around.

The document is saved correctly by Aspose.Words during conversion. The error occurs on Aspose.Pdf side.