Problem emailing large xls (about 1.5 MB) using ASP.NET


We are having a problem emailing large xls files from our web server (running Win 2K). Aspose.Excel seems to create the file OK. The file is stored on the web server in a temp directory and then attached to an SMTP email message. The file contains a large amount of Excel hyperlinks. We can open the XLS file from the temp directory OK, so the problem seems to occur in the email attachment process. The size of the file being attached from the temp directory is 1.5 MB. When the recipient receives the email and tries to open the attachment, they get error “Unable to read file” and the size of the attached file is 0 KB. After the error message you see a blank worksheet. The name of the blank worksheet is the name of the file (I’m not setting the worksheet name in code, so it must be the default name). Smaller files around 175KB work OK. Also, everything works fine on our test web servers with all different size files. It’s only on the production web server where we have the problem. We have our web hosting service techs looking into it. It doesn’t appear to be a problem with Aspose.Excel, I was just wondering if anyone else had any kind of similar problem with large files or any ideas on what might cause this.



Problem solved. The issue was a setting on the web server.

" Basically the user profile of the server is used for some settings and rather than the
system temp folder being used, it uses an obscure one in c:\documents and
settings{machine name}\ASPNET{etc}."