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Problem exporting data to word

I have a report with a list.

Inside the list, i have a table, an image, a subreport and textboxes.

I need that when an user export the report to word, appears a textarea that the user will be able use for write some inside and then print the document. For do that, i created a table with one row and one cell inside the list.

All is ok. The user can export the data to word, but from the page number 11 the data appears messed up. The table that i created for introduce information appears on other table and the data is not shown.

Sorry for my english, I have explained well?Can you help me please? Thanks!

I attach the rdl file

Thank you for your request. Your English is perfect. I’ll be working on your issue shortly.

I have tested your report. Unfortunately, when using a dummy data source, I’m only getting a 2 pages report where the issue does not occur. Could you please provide me with your data source as well so that I could understand what the problem is? Also, attaching your current resulting Word document would be appreciated.

Hi DmitryV! Thanks for your reply.

I can’t send you the datasource cause i used an internal database.

I attach you the word file but i have to modify cause the data are private. I explain you:

In the first page you can see the correct export. The table with the subreport, the image and the textboxes. Up to the page 10 appears a user in every page.
The problem is in page 11 that i represented in the attach in the page 2. I inserted the same image for all persons of the report but really a different photo appears for every person.
How you can see, from the page 11 the list doesn’t appear in every page (the page break doesn’t work), the data doesn’t appear and the table that i used for insert information is on the tabla that show the data user.

Any idea DmitryV?


It is difficult to reproduce the issue without having the data source on hand… just in case, if you switch to the positioned layout mode:
will the issue disappear?

Hi DmitryV!!

I don’t understand where i have to put that lines. In te drl file there is no tag.

You should edit the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\\Reporting Services\ReportServer\rsreportserver.config file.

Hi DmitryV


I edit the file and add the tags and now i can’t see the problem cause when i arrive to page number 10 appears this message:
This document was truncated here because it was created using Aspose.Words for Reporting Services in Evaluation Mode.
If i don’t add the tags, this message appears at page 29 but with the problem that i commented

This message appears because you don’t have a license file yet. You can either purchase a license or request a 30 days temporary license for testing purpose. Please post your request in the Aspose.Purchase forum.