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Problem in chart export


we have some problem in the generation of JPEG thumbnail when using a chart in PPTX. The same problem is also present in PDF export.

This is the main parte of the code we use to generate JPG

Presentation presentation = new Presentation(dataDir + “ConvertToPDF.pptx”);
presentation.Save(dataDir + “output_out.pdf”, SaveFormat.Pdf);
foreach (ISlide sld in presentation.Slides)
Bitmap bmp = sld.GetThumbnail(2, 2);
bmp.Save(dataDir + “output_out” + sld.SlideNumber + “.jpg”, System.Drawing.Imaging.ImageFormat.Jpeg);

I’ve attached the PPTX file and the output of generation (both PDF and JPGs)
The problem are:
  1. (pages 1 & 3): labels lost the format (€ symbol, thousands separator, decimal digits)
  2. (page 1): labels are overlapping and in a wrong place (in the PPTX the label auto-arrange their position)
  3. (page 2): axis X labels are inside the chart
  4. (page 2): the chart has lost the 3D effect
  5. (page 3): the legend area is overlapping the chart. The legend is different from the PPTX, it’s in a wrong place and the text is not multi-line.
We are already using Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.11 in production and we need to understand if and when these issues can be fixed. Other PPTX are working very well, but we need to ensure that also PPTX with chart are converted in a proper way.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Riccardo,

I have worked with the presentation file using Aspose.Slides for .NET 16.11.0 and have been able to reproduce the issue. A ticket with ID SLIDESNET-38196 image problem and ticket with ID SLIDESNET-38195 for pdf problem has been created in our issue tracking system to investigate and resolve the issues. This thread has been associated with the tickets so that we may share the notification with you once issue will be fixed.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Any news?

Thanks, Riccardo

Hi Riccardo,

I regret to inform that issue is still unresolved. Actually, the issue is blocked owing to missing implementation in other issue of Aspose.Slides for .NET. So, it is going to get resolved in that issue first and then in this issue. This issue involves complex implementation and I have also requested our product team to share further feedback regarding the issue. I request for your patience till the time further feedback is shared by our product team and issue gets resolved.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,