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Problem in merging a template with image in header


We use Aspose.Word to mail merge with a pre-defined template.

One of our scenario is to have a template with image in the header and in the body and merge the same with the records queried from the database in an xml stream. It worked fine for less number of records like less than 50 records. But our usual scenario is clients merging more than 5000 records.

In the later case, image in the body and header did not appear. Please get back on it immediately.


We need to reproduce the problem somehow to be able to fix the problem. Please attach the sample document. I will try to merge it with big loads of dummy data and see if the problem appears.

HI miklovan,

I have attached the template that i have used to reproduce this issue.


My current understanding is that you are merging the attached template with datasource having lots of records (>5000). The result is the rather large document which has more than 10000 pages. And the last pages of the resulting document do not have imges in the body and header of the document. Is it so? If not, then please give a more detailed description of the problem.

Best regards,