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Problem in writing html tags into the pdf file


Thanks for replying me immediately.

You asked me what is the content of the dwccorp/siteaddr/addr- and post up for me

dwccorp is a label and its text is "DWCCorporation"

siteaddr is a label and its text is

addr is a label and its text is

"3015 Windward Plaza, Suite 575, Alpharetta, GA 30005 770-280-1070,800-641-1026 FAX 770-280-1050"

Could u also provide the text of object "pdfinfo"?

Please post up contents and keep discussing in this thread.

here PDFINFO is a string variable in my project.

pdfinfo="June 05, 2006
Pastor. test testlastname
Addition technology
Milky Way
Alpharetta, Georgia
Zip: 35000
Dear Pastor. testlastname

Bill Daugherty of US Voice & Data, LLC has
informed us that you are considering the purchase of new communication equipment.
DATACOM Warranty Corporation is the administrator for the long-term equipment
warranty on the new system proposed by US Voice & Data, LLC. Our relationship
with US Voice & Data, LLC has proven to us that many businesses have chosen to
rely upon US Voice & Data, LLC technical knowledge and expertise when
purchasing new equipment. We are certain that you too will be comfortable with your
decision to partner with US Voice & Data, LLC.
The national network of communication companies that provide the DATACOM
equipment warranty has met stringent criteria, maintains superior technical standards
and experiences extremely high levels of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction
is the number one factor for US Voice & Data, LLC success and reputation. US
Voice & Data, LLC clearly understands that, in the decision to purchase new
communication equipment, there are two financial considerations. The first is the
acquisition cost of the equipment. The second, (and most important consideration, in
our opinion) is the ongoing cost of ownership. As you evaluate all the information
provided by the different communication companies vying for your business, it would
serve you to ask the question,"what will replacement components cost in the event of
failure?" In asking this question of all the companies competing for your business,
you will be able to make the most informed decision. Attached for your convenience
is a VENDOR ANALYSIS FORM and instruction sheet. Many companies have
found this helpful in uncovering previously undisclosed coverage and cost
As a customer of US Voice & Data, LLC, your communication equipment will be
initially warranted for a period of five years. This coverage has guarantees like no
other and allows for additional coverage against damage resulting from power surge.
No one wants to discuss the possibility of hardware failure, but it does happen.
Because of US Voice & Data, LLC commitment to client satisfaction, they provide a
total protection plan designed to provide long-term system performance and client
support. US Voice & Data, LLC will explain in depth the total coverage and
satisfaction guarantees.
We hope you choose US Voice & Data, LLC as your next communication equipment
provider. We know from past experience that your decision to select US Voice &
Data, LLC will meet and exceed your expectations. Please give us a call if we can
answer any questions.
Bo Bryan

Thanks for considering Apose.

I did some modifications on the string and get a correct result. Here I just take a few words from the very front part of pdfinfo as examples.

[Inline HTML]

June 05, 2006
Pastor. test testlastname
Addition technology
Milky Way
Alpharetta, Georgia
Zip: 35000";

Or you can get the same correct result in this way:

[Plain String]

pdfinfo="June 05, 2006 /r/nPastor. test testlastname \r\nAddition technology \r\nMilky Way \r\nAlpharetta, Georgia \r\nZip: 35000"";