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Problem loading Aspose.Cells in Visual Studio 2005 running under *Vista*

We are puzzled, and hope you can help. We're not sure if this is a Microsoft problem or an Aspose problem, but even if it is the former, my guess is that other Aspose customers will experience this difficulty when they transition to Microsoft Vista.

For the past year, our project successfully buildst using Visual Studio 2005, running under both Microsoft Server 2003 and Microsoft XP Pro. Aspose.Cells has been added to both the "Solution Items" folder and to a project within the solution. Our development machines have .NET Framework 1.1 and 2.0 installed.

However, when we run Visual Studio 2005 under Microsoft *Vista*, we are having a problem with the Visual Studio reference to Aspose.Cells. A "warning" icon appears next to the Aspose.Cells library (under "References"), and this is not fixable by removing then re-adding the reference. Our solution will not build because of this problem. (The problem does NOT exist for other third-party DLLs in our Solution).

Any ideas?

Post Script - The problem that I mention above is reproduceable by creating a new (empty) Visual Studio 2005 C# library project (running under Vista) and then adding a reference to Aspose.Cells … The object browser cannot read the manifest.

This problem is caused by the obfuscator. They fixed this problem and we used their new version to re-build Aspose.Cells. Please try this attached version.

Thank you! This new Aspose version works with the VS2005 IDE + Vista.