Problem on Windows 2000 OS when using Aspose word tool



I am using aspose word (version (temporary licence). I am getting the following errors in Windows 2000 operating system. But its working fine in WindowsXP.

1) The "table in the document corrupted" error is displaying in window 2000 OS(word 2000)

2) The page number is not displaying in windows 2000 OS (word 2000). The page number is displaying like {PAGE}

Some common issues

1) I am not able to render images using InsertHtml method (Sample url :

2) Images are automatically getting resized when I am using InsertHtml method (I am having img tag and using InsertHtml I am rendering that).




Please send us the documents which exhibit the errors mentioned above. I’ll check what could be done.



Here with i am sending a document. If u open this then on windows 2000.

1)The page number will come as {Page}.

2) In some case the images comming in less size. I am not able to produce that because it is not comming always.

3) If i use InsertHTML for the following html then i am getting 'Aspose.Words.NoImage.png' exception i am getting.





Answering your questions:

1. I have checked the attached document and it seems that it does not have any PAGE field declarations.

2. It is absolutely necessary for us to be able to reproduce the error. Otherwise, it is not possible to fix it.

3. The folowing tag:

does not look as a correct HTML declaration of image.

The example of correct declarations is

<img src= width="506" height="439">

Please mind, that the URL stated in src attribute should be accessible and point to a valid image file.

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1) Here with i am send an image file and document as an attachment which shows that {Page} problem on windows 2000.

2) The url () is valid which will render an image from the database. And if i give the url() like localhost instead of ip address then its rendering properly. Only problem arises when ip address specified.




Please check the URL '' in the browser on your machine. Does it loads the picture correctly?



My OrderId : 060329064226

I checked that one also.

I can browse the given url on XP as well as Windows 2003 also using browser. But if i use InsertHTML in windows xp with the given url then it is comming properly (Because my system is xp). But if i use InsertHTML (Because my client system is windows 2003) in windows 2003 with the given url then its not comming.

Pls reply for the following message also

One more issue also i am having. Is it possible to restart the page number on word and pdf. For example i want to restart page number from 10 page.




Please check if ASPNET user (impersonating ASP.NET applications) has enough rights to access the given URL on your Windows 2003 machine. The best way to check this is to verify the accessibility of this URL using test ASP.NET application not employing Aspose.Words.

Concerning page numbering. I haven't heard of any means to restart page numbering in the document. Try to check MS Word documentation on this. If you find how to do it in MS Word we will probably be able to make it in Aspose.Words too.