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Problem saving DOC as DOCX


We are using Aspose.Words 17.4 and have an issue saving a document that is originally in DOC format into DOCX.

The relevant code we are using is;

Dim objPrecedentSaveOptions As Object = Nothing
objPrecedentSaveOptions = New Aspose.Words.Saving.OoxmlSaveOptions
objPrecedentSaveOptions.Compliance = Aspose.Words.Saving.OoxmlCompliance.Iso29500_2008_Strict
objPrecedentSaveOptions.SaveFormat = Aspose.Words.SaveFormat.Docx
objPrecedent.Save(“00000A01.docx”, objPrecedentSaveOptions)

The document saves but when we open it (in Word2010) we get the message "This file was created in a new format of Microsoft Word…"

If I click the “Open” button then the document opens and there is no “Compatability Mode” message shown in the title bar.

What is interesting is that when saved using Aspose, the document is 13kb in size but when opened and saved in MSWord 2010, it grows to 21kb

The source document (attached as xxxtest2.doc)is a mailmerge document in DOC format
The saved document (attached as 00000A01.docx) is the file that gives the open error in Word2010

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your inquiry.
"This file was created in a new format of Microsoft Word…"
Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce the exact same problem on our end. However, we do get errors inside MS Word 2010 while opening your “00000A01.docx” document on our end. Please see attached screenshot.

We have logged this issue in our bug tracking system. The ID of this issue is WORDSNET-15269. Your thread has also been linked to the appropriate issue and you will be notified as soon as it is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,


Regarding WORDSNET-15269, our product team has completed the analysis of your issue and has come to a conclusion that this issue and the undesired behavior you are observing is actually not a bug in Aspose.Words. So, we will close this issue as ‘Not a Bug’. Please see the following details:

Setting save option OoxmlCompliance.Iso29500_2008_Strict upgrades document to a newer version. You can observe the same behavior in MS Word. So, if you do not want to see the message “This file was created in a new format of Microsoft Word…” in MS Word 2010, then you should simply not use this option. In case you do not agree, please ZIP and provide us with your expected output document for further investigation. Thanks for your cooperation.

Best regards,